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Conservatory Bases

The construction of conservatories bases is very similar to that of an extension to your house. It is a general belief that; because a conservatory is lighter than an extension the foundation does not have to be very deep. This is not necessarily correct.

Firstly it is not possible to know precisely how deep the foundation will be until the ground is excavated and inspected for any 'made up areas' - this is where earth has been placed on existing ground.

Therefore it will be necessary to excavate a trench through this layer into load bearing ground. By doing this you will ensure that the conservatory has a good foundation base, as we expect that you do not want to wake up one morning to find your conservatory at the bottom of your garden! Normally foundation trenches are between 650 - 1000mm deep.

The other factors which determine the foundation depth will be tree roots, drains and services.

The service we offer

At Vision Conservatories we can offer a professional Base Laying Service for your new conservatory.

We have our own teams of professional base layers. Working every day with years of experience, they carry out all jobs in a concise, quick and tidy manner.

  • If required we can also:
  • Clear your site
  • Modify your Existing Base
  • Lay a New Base
  • Landscape up to your new building
  • Erect Fencing
  • Install Services - Water supply / Waste
  • Free site visit / Design / Quotation
  • Planning Advice / Service.