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Underfloor Heating

Enjoy the beauty and practicality of warm tile, wood or laminate floors with the added benefit of heating your conservatory without radiators. Underfloor heating is the ideal solution; low cost and easy to install, providing radiant heat throughout those cold months, warming the floor and room evenly, allowing you to place your furniture for the ideal position to bathe in the sun during those cold days. Now you can relax all year round, enjoying long lazy days in your warm conservatory.

Electric underfloor heating – the easy heating solution for conservatory floors – both timber and tiled.

Using under floor heating to heat your conservatory / home can prove to be a very efficient way to heat because it's invisible once installed and allows you the freedom to design your interior the way you want.

Whether it is in your conservatory, bathroom or your kitchen, tile, stone and slate floors have traditionally been beautiful finishes to a floor but have also been very cold surfaces to live with. Unfortunately traditional forced air heating systems did little to ease the temperature on these floorings. With modern electric under floor radiant heating this is no longer the case. By laying heating cables underneath the tiles the floor can be warmed up to a comfortable temperature.