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35mm Heatshield Polycarbonate as standard!

We supply high insulating 35mm heatshield polycarbonate as standard with the option of upgrading to smartpoly.

Heatsheild is an innovative polycarbonate designed to limit heat build-up within the conservatory. It allows light to enter the roof, but by deflecting solar radiation, can reduce solar heat gain through the roof by up to 50% compared to conventional material. Heatshield provides a very cost effective option to reduce heat gain though the roof, often eliminating the need for blinds.

Tec-Sun, with it’s integral solar protection, prevents up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy from entering the conservatory through the roof, helping to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

In winter, most of the heat lost escapes through the roof; with a Tec-Sun roof, a large proportion of rising heat is radiated back into the room, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures and heating costs.

With two colour combinations, Tec-Sun provides plenty of options to enhance your conservatory experience. Choose standard silver for maximum light penetration or add gold tint for maximum heat and glare rejection.