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Victorian Conservatories

The Victorian Conservatory is classic and elegant in design. Its sharp crisp angled roof is softened by its facets providing a rounded and styled look. Whether you prefer three or five facets, equal sized or wide fronted styles, its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for all properties.

All Victorian Conservatories are made to your exact requirements, you have complete control over the look of your conservatory, from the position of the doors to the colour of the frames - inside and out.

Victorian type conservatories are perfectly combined with any type of building styles and houses.  The main architectural feature - the presence of three- or five-sided bay window and multi-walled roof system. The roof can be glazed with glass or translucent polycarbonate. This conservatory type adds a touch of luxury to your life.

In many cases our homes are not as light or open as we would like. Victorian conservatories are perfect and yet stylish way to let the sun in your home and bring a bit of the outside in. One extra room to your home, but not an ordinary one. Great place for business meetings, dining with family or enjoying the evening stars and moon.