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Full width conservatory extension

This project was designed and completed on time and on budget!



Our designer visited the property to assess the possibilities of a conservatory to create more space within the house, the clients needed to re-structure the internal layouts of the first floor to give an open feel, they also wanted one company to carryout all of the works including architectural requirements. Our designer suggested to completely remove the rear wall of the house and the internal ground floor walls, although this would need full Building Regulation Approval, this would give the client what they were looking for. Within days a full quotation had been sent and shortly after a contract was signed for works to commence.

Our Surveyor visited the property and drawings were prepared, we submitted drawings to the Local Authority and full working drawings to the Building Control office, we then prepared structural calculations and heat loss data, which was required by the building inspectors. 7 weeks later approval was granted and works begun.


The depth of any foundation is only determined by the ground conditions.


1. Due to the ground condition, the building inspector insisted that a box cage steel was built and formed within the concrete base, better safe than sorry.

2. The foundation trench is then filled with concrete (6 tonnes)

3. Concrete blocks are now laided up to the new floor level inside, and built up to the external ground level.

4. The steel RSJ,s are now placed inside prior to the walls being built, 7 men are required to move them.

5. Stone walls are now built to the floor level, and a damp proof coarse is laid to prevent rising damp. Internal insulation blocks are laid and wall insulation is installed as works proceeds.

6. Stone walling is now built to the required heights, the white vertical plastic is a vertical damp proof.

The RSJ steels, are lifted into place by a hand crane, the complete rear of the house is propped to prevent the house moving.

The base is then completed when the RSJ's are in place, all working areas cleaned up and ready for removal of back wall.

Rear wall of property is now removed, although it cannot be seen the conservatory has been built at this stage.
To cut a long story short the finished product. Kitchen, dining room, conservatory. A conservatory built to be used every day of the year.

Viewing from the property into the conservatory, which is now the same room